Videos and music for your science classroom

Videos can be a powerful teaching tool and are a great way to appeal to the different learning abilities of students.  Plus, they have the appeal of being on the big screen which students seem to really love even if it is only for a couple of minutes.   I have not used any videos in my lessons yet, but do plan to in the future both to enhance current lessons, introduce new units and to offer students a break from lessons that is still educational.

Here is one site I actually learned about from some fellow students last year.  The videos are short, colorful and cover a wide variety of scientific inquiries from a periodic table song, to answering questions like can plants think, does being cold make you sick and are silent farts worse (a question I’m sure middle schoolers would love to know the answer to). Their videos are colorful, and fun and they offer some really great information.


I’m also a huge fan of the channel called SciShow.   Like AsapSCIENCE, they cover a wide array of topics many of which would be great to use in a classroom.  They do videos on famous scientists, commonly asked scientific questions, and scientific phenomena – all in short entertaining videos that appeal to both the young and older crowd.

SciShow videos

Another favorite of mine are videos and songs done by the band They Might Be Giants.   They put out a great album called “Here Comes Science” a few years back and have numerous videos that go along with it.  They actually have a YouTube playlist just for videos for their songs geared toward kids.  I especially love “Why Does the Sun Shine (The Sun is Mass of Incandescent Gas)” and  “Put It to the Test.”  Entertaining and very very catchy.

I hope you’ll check out the links and find something that you like and maybe something you’ll even use in your classroom one day.    Don’t hold me responsible if you can’t get the They Might Giants songs out of your head!  😀


7 thoughts on “Videos and music for your science classroom

  1. SciShow is full of so much good information. I remember I would watch their biology videos when I was enrolled in general Bio last spring and things I learned in the videos showed up on the test.. I’ve also watched all of their physics and astronomy videos and it is all just great information condensed into a few hours of footage. They really get into the history of scientific discoveries which, to me, makes the science relatable.

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    • I wish I had known more about SciShow and the others when I was taking all my science courses. Would have been super helpful. Do you watch Vlog Brothers? It is Hank Green and his brother – well known Young adult lit author – John Green and they make a video for each other each week. The topics are varied, but frequently cover current events and give great information that is well fact checked on topics that are timely and sometimes confusing. Definitely worth checking out.


      • Yes, I am subscribed to Vlog Brothers. I’m really pretty plugged in to the whole Nerd Fighter crowd. They’re doing some great stuff when it comes to educational content. I’m pretty fond of all of their crashcourse content too. I also read a two of John Green’s books. It didn’t take long until I found out there were more geared towards high school girls… but I read The Fault In Our Stars and Looking for Alaska. Looking for Alaska is the better of the two in my humble opinion… lol.


  2. Wow!!! Really great resources! Thank you for sharing them! When my teachers would show videos in class in middle school and high school, it was on VHS, it was really outdated, and half of the time they weren’t even educational in nature. It seems like there are so many interesting educational videos out there on YouTube and elsewhere now. I know that I can learn science content so much more efficiently when I watch a good film or clip on the subject.. I think our students can greatly benefit from them too!



  3. I thought I posted before to tell you that I love your blog name and Lego picture, but I can’t find it so I don’t know what happened. It would have been the first introduction of your blog—anywho—I love the video you found and posted! It was catchy, fun, and I bet the kids in the video thought it was awesome. This would be a great way to introduce a new unit. It gives them a taste of what is coming and then as you teach the subject, their brains will recall that they saw something in the video and it will help to retain the information.


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