Food for thought for middle school teachers (or those of us who are almost there)

A good friend of mine directed me to this blog post and I think it really highlights some of the things that middle school teachers may overlook when working with their students.  I can still recall the overwhelming awkwardness of 6th through 8th grade and see it in my own daughter and soon to middle school age son.  It is a tough time as a kid.  Anything we as teachers can do to make that time easier is certainly worth doing!

Some of these things are addressed in our course work or even in our observation/internship time in classrooms, but some of them many of us (myself included) have forgotten.  It is a good read and I think valuable even for high school teachers, especially for 9th and 10th grade.  I hope you find it as valuable as I did. 😀

Top 10 Things Middle-School Students Wish You Knew


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