Technology in the Science classroom: Early adopter or waiting to be convinced?

In the article, “Technology in Today’s Classroom: Are You a Tech-SavvyTeacher?” by Stephanie Diamond Hicks and the first chapter of Technology in the Secondary Science Classroom the adoption of technology for use of the classroom is addressed both pertaining specifically to science as well as the broader sort of every classroom application.

The question posed to us, as teachers in training, is how do we feel about technology in the classroom?  Will we look eagerly forward to using technology with our own classes or will we wait to see what technology we will be asked to use by our administrator or district and slowly adopt it from that point.

This was not a question that was difficult for me to answer.  Maybe it is because I have children of my own in the public school system or know so many teachers in the field already or that I simply enjoy technology in my personal and professional life, but I fully intend to use technology in my classroom with my students.

One of the biggest struggles I see in the classroom between teachers and students is that of relevance.  Students spend a tremendous amount of time using technology outside of school.  Then they come into a classroom that is lacking in technology and the relevance to their lives is non-existent.  If we can bring technology into the classroom and our lessons, we are meeting students where they live.  We are engaging them in ways they understand.

Technology is ubiquitous.  It touches our life every single day.  Interestingly enough, the classroom setting is one of the last holdouts in the widespread adoption – or perhaps better phrased – absorption of technology.  I enjoy technology tremendously as a consumer.  I enjoy it as a student – it makes my life and my studying much easier.  As a teacher, I fully plan to use and embrace technology – whether in an English Language Arts or Science class.  Through well designed lessons and on-point targeted technology I hope to be able to engage my students in ways that will encourage learning and hopefully include some enjoyment as well!


2 thoughts on “Technology in the Science classroom: Early adopter or waiting to be convinced?

  1. I agree with your enthusiasm of technology in the classroom. I’m excited to see what technology I can bring into the classroom that will help student relate science to their life outside of the classroom. I understand why people are unsure about using technology but as teachers we are expected to adapt and constantly learning new ways to connect to our students, what better way than to use something they enteract with everyday.


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